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What is the Brick-by-Brick™ programme?

Formerly known as LEGO® based therapy, the programme brings young people together to make friends and develop skills over a shared interest in LEGO play. Run by trained practitioners such as Kathy Lambkin (BSocSc.AMI Montessori Dip - pictured right ), sessions enable members to build LEGO models together as a team, developing collaboration, communication, problem-solving, turn-taking, conflict resolution and friendship – all through playing and having fun building LEGO models. Sessions are known as Brick Club by their members.

All facilitators are garda vetted, insured and have completed a child safeguarding course.


What We Do

At BRICKX-based Therapy, we train faciliatators in 'Six Bricks' Level 1 and Level 2 whichs is one of the LEGO® Foundation's tools to introduce learning through play into different settings.

When children are engaged and challenged in playful ways, children practice skills for learning:


Language such as describing in rich detail, giving clear instructions, explaining your reasons, and telling stories, which helps you to communicate with others and express your ideas.

Problem Solving

Problem solving including to stay focused, and remember a task or a challenge, set goals and make plans, come up with creative ideas, and reflect on what you do and how you do it.


Collaboration as in working together in pairs or teams, share turns and the materials you work with, learn from your peers and their ideas, and give each other roles and responsibilities.

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Frequently Ask Questions

  • Q. Do you run training courses in other places?

    Most of our courses are run in our Dublin, Galway & Cork to allow people have easy access to our training. However, we do sometimes offer courses in different parts of the country. Please check our Facilitator Training page for further details of course location.
  • Q. Do you do webinars or online training?

    Not at the moment, though this is something we are working on! Face-to-face training is the preferred training at the moment as individual experience is shaped and problems solved. We'll keep you posted! We are always happy to consider individual requests.
  • Q. Do you have courses for parents?

    We have a day where parents can come and experience Lego Therapy for themselves.

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