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About Kathy 'LEGO® Lady' Lambkin

Kathy Lambkin (BSocSc.AMI Montessori Dip), affectionately known as the 'LEGO® Lady', has been involved with LEGO®-based therapy for many years. Founder of The Brickx Club which was set up in 2013, Kathy has always used LEGO® bricks with the children at school and past pupils were always asking for LEGO® building days to continue when they went on to primary school. This was the start of The Brickx Club which has resulted in over 30 creative brick building and social activity clubs for girls and boys throughout Ireland. As well as running The Brickx Club, Kathy now devotes her time to providing Faciliatator Training so that she can pass on her valuable experience to others who wish to deliver LEGO®-based therapy classes themselves.


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Frequently Ask Questions

  • Q. Do you run training courses in other places?

    Most of our courses are run in our Dublin, Galway & Cork to allow people have easy access to our training. However, we do sometimes offer courses in different parts of the country. Please check our Facilitator Training page for further details of course location.
  • Q. Do you do webinars or online training?

    Not at the moment, though this is something we are working on! Face-to-face training is the preferred training at the moment as individual experience is shaped and problems solved. We'll keep you posted! We are always happy to consider individual requests.
  • Q. Do you have courses for parents?

    We have a day where parents can come and experience Lego Therapy for themselves.

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